Gift A Life offers a full design, installation and maintenance service on interior and exterior plant displays and interior floral displays on a purchase or rental basis. We provide new displays designed and installed or can take over maintenance on existing displays.We offer a range of after care maintenance services for both interior and exterior displays to suit your requirements and your budget. We pride ourselves on the standard of service we supply and never forget that our clients' satisfaction is paramount.

All our technicians have many years experience and will visit your premises in accordance with the agreed service level to maintain your displays. He or she will attend every display during each visit and ensure that they receive the attention they require to keep them looking their best until the next scheduled visit.This will include watering, cleaning of foliage and planters, checking for and treatment of pests & diseases, feeding, pruning and free replacement of any plant which no longer looks its best.

If at any time you experience any problems with any of your displays in between our visits you can contact us and we will have a technician on site within 24 hours to rectify the problem.

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