If you love the wet mud's scent and wonder if you could have a nice terrace garden of your own , we have just what you need.

Gift a life presents gardening classes.

These classes include :-

  • Learning
  • Soil & Pot Preparation
  • Sowing & Planting
  • Garden Maintenance
  • Learn about insects and diseases and tips to keep your garden in good health, which plants to sow in which season and from where to buy.
  • Get information regarding how to take care of your plants, with proper advice on preventive and curative actions to be taken in future with respect to plant care and growth.

Get Free seeds on every visit

These classes are specifically for people that have smaller spaces at home (like sunny window sills and balconies) and still want to grow as much as possible. We will go a through a variety of herbs and leafy vegetables, their care and maintenance. Its time you grow your own vegetables to create fabulously nutritious meals you dreamed of.

See you there.