Each time the galaxy is in danger, the Guardians swoop in to fight the evil forces. But have you ever wondered why “A man made out of twigs and branches- named GROOT” secured a respectable position with the Guardians? You might think how a body composed of mere twigs and branches was capable of fighting the evil forces. Well, this is exactly, what the article addresses.

“Apocalypse of the Environment” is not far away. The recent global trends indicate the degradation of our Mother Nature at an alarming rate. Our blame-game is real strong but when will we blame the real culprits who are causing havoc all over the world. THE VERY PLANET THAT GAVE BIRTH TO MAN IS BEING DESTROYED BY MAN. And that is why the elements of nature had to take up the task of guarding the environment. This also resolves the mystery of why GROOT is a Guardian of the galaxy as well as A GUARDIAN OF THE ENVIRONMENT.

“Give me a tree and I will save the world”– this phrase perfectly describes the significance of plants. All the biotic components of our ecosystem play a major role in protecting our environment. But specifically, Trees have the biggest role to play in guarding the environment. They act as the lungs of the planet and if the respiratory tract gets impaired then the body shall not survive for more than a day. Hence, trees maintain the dynamics of the environment extremely well. Additionally, they provide habitat for birds and other wildlife. The more our planet will be covered with natural vegetation, the lesser will be the chances of Green house effect harming the environment. Trees also reduce the ozone levels from the atmosphere. In New York City, a 10 percent increase in urban canopy translated to a reduction of peak ozone levels by around 4 parts per billion. (Source: Luley, Christopher J.; Nowak, David J. 2004.

There are numerous reasons as to why trees are the ultimate saviours of our environment. A few of them are mentioned here. Trees combat climate change; they provide clean filtered air; they conserve energy; help to prevent water pollution; prevent soil erosion; provide a canopy and a habitat for wildlife; inherit medicinal values and so on. Hence trees are the true Guardians of the environment.
Now, let us figure out why Agent K appointed a dog as a member of the “Men in Black” team. The very question that comes to our mind is how could a dog fight the evil forces?

Animals already play an important role in maintaining the delicate balance of life on earth in their respective ecosystems. But apart from the natural help they provide, some animal friends are going above and beyond the call of duty to help humankind heal the damage we’ve done to the planet. Humankind has long looked to its best friend to lend a helping nose – whether it’s a hunter tracking down prey or a police officer searching for drugs. Now groups like Working Dogs for Conservation and UK-based Conservation Dogs use dogs to sniff out endangered animals and plants – like jaguars in the Amazon or black bears in China – so researchers can track and save them.

Not only dogs, but other animals like bees, rats, octopi, sea lions, seals, mules, birds and so on contribute to the environment in a number of ways. Their mere presence helps to maintain the dynamics of a food chain. Hence, this is how animals do their bit to guard the environment.

But these guardians are being smashed and destroyed by Man to fulfill his needs. He has gone to such an extent that if he doesn’t put an end to this destruction, then Apocalypse is sure to follow. Trees and animals will perform their task of guarding the environment but when will Man understand his sacred duty to protect these guardians and to protect the environment. What will be left of him if he does not guard his home? Man can guard the environment by planting trees; protecting animals by putting an end to hunting and poaching; reducing air, water, land and noise pollution; using the 3 R’s – Recycle, Reduce, Reuse and so on. This is high time for Man to perform these tasks for the welfare of the environment and primarily for his own welfare.

                                                                                                                                       -Chinmayi Bhardwaj






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  • Sravani

    Well Said Chinmayi!
    Each and every human being should do their respective bit to protect the environment and give back to Planet Motherhood.

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